In Case We Get Shot

2 min readMar 19, 2021


Photograph by Blvk Shots Photography. All rights reserved.

Umbi: “Damn, what they pulling us over for?”

Thorns: “It’s okay, I got this.”

Umbi: “Okay, well, I’m going to sit here and try not to look like a dangerous Black man.”

Thorns: [smirks] “And I’ll try not to look like an angry Black woman. We got this.”

[Officer Dewsch pulls the couple over in a nearby gas-station and approaches the window]

[Thorns zips down her shirt half-sail causing Umbi to chuckle]

Dewsch: “Ma’am, are you aware that you didn’t signal in that turn lane?”


Thorns: “Oh, I’m so sorry, officer! I had no idea! We’re just trying to get home and cook some grits.”

[Umbi held his breath because even laughing could go wrong]

Dewsch: “License and registration.”

Thorns: “Oh, one moment! [she reaches across Umbi to the glove compartment, showing off her obliques to the officer] Here you go!”

[Dewsch flashes his lights on Umbi who is staring at the gas pumps]

Photograph by Blvk Shots Photography. All rights reserved.

Dewsch: “Alright, sit tight. No sudden moves.”

Thorns: “Of course.”

[Officer Dewsch steps away]

Umbi: “You’ve been pulled over a couple times, eh?”

Thorns: [brushes her bang] “Maybe once.”

[a few moments pass as the tension of the moment settles back in]

Photograph taken by Blvk Shots Photography. All rights reserved.

Umbi: “Hey, how about a kiss in case we get shot when that white man comes back?”

[Thorns and Umbi glance at the cop car in the rearview for a moment]

Umbi: “Come here...”

[knocking on the window]

Dewsch: “Ahem. Ma’am, I’m going to give you a warning. Use your turn signals.”

Thorns: [blushing] “Thank you, officer. Have a good night.”



[Officer Dewsch leaves]

[Thorns pulls up to the gas pump and Umbi steps out to fill up the tank]

“So, about those grits…”

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